Summer Associates

The Gray Reed Summer Associate Program

At Gray Reed, the summer associate program is our primary method for hiring first-year associates. With a vested interest in protecting the firm’s culture and standard of excellence, we invest in our future colleagues early on; showing you the ropes of real, billable case work, legal research and client meetings. Gray Reed hosts summer associates in our Dallas and Houston offices during the first eight weeks of summer, beginning in mid-May.

Throughout our summer associate program, we incorporate social activities to facilitate the building of relationships and to give our summer associates a good flavor of our culture. Gray Reed is frequently honored as one of the "Best Places to Work" by both the Dallas Business Journal and the Houston Business Journal. This is a testament to the atmosphere and culture that we have created at Gray Reed.

Our Attorneys Are Singing Our Praises

Want to know if Gray Reed is a great place to work?  Here's what our attorneys say:

 “Gray Reed’s stated mission is to create a firm that survives well beyond the present partners’ respective careers.  The only way to ensure that is to hire the best and brightest associates and then build a stronger and more vibrant firm based on their talents and work ethic.  Our Summer Associate program is how we identify those individuals who will help us accomplish our mission.” J.J. Hardig, Hiring Partner

 “As a Gray Reed Summer Associate, I was treated as a real member of the Gray Reed team. I worked on projects that had a real impact on cases.  I also got to sit in on depositions, client meetings, meetings with expert witnesses, and hearings. After my time as a summer associate, I had no doubt that Gray Reed was where I wanted to begin my legal career.  ”Lydia Webb, 2011 Summer Associate

“A summer clerkship is one of the most important components of the law school experience.  At Gray Reed, our clerkships are designed to closely resemble what life is like as a young associate at our firm.” Drew York, Hiring Partner

“Gray Reed really excels at giving its associates the responsibility and the freedom you need to challenge yourself as a young lawyer, while at the same time, mentoring and teaching you the skills you need to excel.  Within my first year at Gray Reed, I was meeting with clients, taking depositions and arguing motions.  But, I never felt like I couldn’t go to the partner I was working with and get their help or advice on whatever I was doing.  It’s really an environment in which you can become a great lawyer.” Chance Decker, 2008 Summer Associate


Summer Associate Recruiting Q&A

On which campuses does Gray Reed recruit during OCI?

           Stay tuned for 2020 OCI dates. 

What can I expect from my OCI interview with Gray Reed?

Interviewers from Gray Reed are interested in getting to know you and seeing a little of your personality. We're also interested in learning what attracts you to our firm.

What is the interview process after OCI?

Each Gray Reed office conducts at least one round of in-office interviews in the weeks following OCI. Call-back candidates will receive an email from Gray Reed's recruiting specialist.

How big is Gray Reed’s Summer Associates Program?

We keep it small (2-4 summer associates per office). 

Apply to the Gray Reed Summer Associate Program (outside of OCI)

Please know that we are no longer accepting applications for the 2020 Summer Associate Program.