Appellate Law

A case on appeal presents issues and procedural questions different from those at the trial court. Whether fighting to preserve a hard-won victory or to overturn an adverse lower-court decision, an appellate lawyer must spot and evaluate the issues that are important to the appellate court, write a brief and craft an oral argument that presenting the issues important to the appellate court in a compelling manner most favorable to the client. Doing that requires experience and knowledge unique to an appellate attorney. 

We Feel at Home in the Courtroom

Our Appellate Practice Group is led by Jim Moseley, a former appellate justice on the Dallas Court of Appeals. Jim’s eighteen years of experience on the bench allows him to anticipate how a proposed argument will be perceived by the appellate courts. In addition, Jim can call on the full resources of the firm, including several of our attorneys who clerked at the Texas Supreme Court. Our team provides insights—based on real-world experience—into the timing, procedures and influencing factors involved in the appellate decision process. These insights help maximize the client’s chances of success.

Our Appellate Practice Group has successfully represented clients at all levels of the federal and state court systems, including U.S. Supreme Court, federal circuit courts of appeal, the Texas Supreme Court, state appellate courts, and before federal and state agencies. These cases involved complex factual and legal issues as well as emerging or unsettled law in a wide variety of matters, including business disputes, personal injury claims, oil and gas litigation, and construction litigation. We have also filed amicus briefs on behalf of clients who, although not parties to a case, but have a substantial interest in the outcome of an appeal or the development of substantive law. 

Our appellate team often consults with trial counsel—from within our firm or elsewhere—to shape trial strategies, preserve important issues for appeal, and examine options to obtain immediate relief at the appellate courts from trial court rulings. By participating in key pre- and post-trial motions and strategy sessions, we can help set the stage for success at trial and on any subsequent appeal.

Gray Reed's Expertise

Specifically, our appellate lawyers are available to:

  • Analyze and research legal issues, including potential liability and damage theories
  • Prepare and respond to motions seeking dismissal or summary judgment
  • Draft jury charges and participate in jury charge conferences
  • Prepare and respond to post-verdict motions
  • Assess the trial record to evaluate issues for appeal
  • Write briefs and motions for the appellate court level
  • Present oral arguments to the court or prepare others for oral argument 
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