Greg White
Of Counsel

Whether my clients are on the winning or losing side at trial, they come to me with challenging problems to solve on appeal. My goal is not only to grasp the wide variety of complex legal issues at play and achieve a favorable outcome in the courtroom, but also to resolve the case economically. I insist that clients are engaged in the process so I can fully understand their unique story and deliver a compelling presentation to the court.

Clients throughout Texas have trusted Greg White to handle complex appeals in state and federal courts for more than 30 years. He has served as lead counsel in more than 50 reported cases, including a number before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit – where he argued a case en banc – and the Supreme Court of Texas. Greg is Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and was a member of the first group of Texas lawyers to achieve this distinction.

Greg has helped trial lawyers, businesses and individuals reach favorable outcomes in cases involving a variety of issues, ranging from business disputes, civil rights, election laws and personal injury to intellectual property, criminal law and real property. He was also appointed counsel on two death penalty cases, both of which received substantial media attention.

Greg was previously Board Certified in Civil Trial Law for more than 10 years and served as lead counsel in numerous jury trials before focusing his practice on appeals. With his unique hands-on experience preparing and trying cases at the trial court level, Greg is the go-to resource for trial lawyers on a broad range of litigation support matters, including preparing the jury charge, tailoring pleadings and discovery requests consistent with the charge, drafting dispositive motions, preserving appealable errors, plus much more.

For over 25 years, Greg was a faculty member at Baylor University School of Law, specializing in legal writing and teaching courses in Brief Writing and Litigation Writing in the Law School’s Legal Writing Center. He still coaches moot court and mock trial teams for Baylor Law.

Representative Experience

Texas Supreme Court

  • Columbia Valley Healthcare v. A.M.A.,  654 S.W.3d 135 (Tex. 2022) (court findings and authority to structure periodic payments in health care liability claims)
  • E.D. v. Texas Health Care, PLLC,  644 s.W.3d 660 (Tex. 2022) (Good Faith Effort to provide an expert report in health care liability claim)
  • Pike v. Texas EMC Mgmt., LLC, 610 S.W.3d 763 (Tex. 2020) (Reversed $16 million judmge based on arguments about validity of expert testimony)
  • Stribling v. Millican DPC Partners, LP,  458 S.W.3d 17 (Tex. 2015) (a metes and bounds description in a deed controls over a conflicting general description)
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality v. City of Waco, 413 S.W.3d 409 (Tex. 2013) (Standing as an affected person under the Texas Water Code)
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality v. Bosque River Coalition, 413 S.W.3d 403 (Tex. 2013) (Standing as an affected person under the Texas Water Code)
  • Hearts Bluff Game Ranch v. State, 381 S.W.3d 468 (Tex. 2012) (inverse condemnation related to permit application)
  • Merriman v. XTO Energy, 407 S.W.3d 244 (Tex. 2013) (accommodation doctrine)
  • Providence Health Center v. Dowell, 262 S.W.3d 324 (Tex. 2008) (proximate cause in a suicide case)
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice v. Simons, 140 S.W.3d 338 (Tex. 2004) (Actual Notice under the Texas Tort Claims Act)
  • Jernigan v. Langley, 195 S.W.3d 91(Tex. 2006) (adequacy of expert report in health care liability claim
  • Meyer v. Cathey, 167 S.W.3d 327 (Tex. 2005) (business dispute involving fraud, fiduciary duty and trial sanctions)
  • WFAA-TV, Inc. v. McLemore, 978 S.W.2d 568 (Tex. 1998) (defining a public figure under Texas defamation laws)
  • 1st Title Co. v. Garrett, 860 S.W.2d 74 & d 254 (Tex. 1993), and 802 S.W.2d 254 (Tex. App. - Waco 1990) (liability of Title Insurance companies and credits for prior settlements)
  • General Electric Credit Corp. v. Midland Central Appraisal District, et al, 826 S.W.2d 124 (Tex. 1991) (constitutional issues of double taxation under State Tax System)
  • Kennedy v. Hyde, 682 S.W.2d 525 (Tex. 1984) and 666 S.W.2d 325 (Tex. App.- Fort Worth 1984) (interpretation of Rules of Civil Procedure in Bank stock fraud case)
  • In re General Elec. Co., 271 S.W.3d 681 (Amicus) (Tex. 2008) (application of forum non conveniens in asbestos case)
  • JCW Electronics, Inc. v. Garza, 257 S.W.3d 701 (Amicus) (Tex. 2008) (comparative fault in breach of warranty case)
  • City of Waco v. Lopez, 259 S.W.3d 147 (Tex. 2008) (whistleblower case)
  • In Re: Discount Rental, Inc., 216 S.W.3d 831 (2007) (debtor’s rights in property after reversal of case on appeal)
  • State Farm Life Ins. Co. V. Martinez, 216 S.W. 3d 799 (Tex. 2007) (whether an interpleader case insulates insurance company from prompt payment responsibility)
  • Excess Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London v. Frank’s Casing Crew & Rental Tools, Inc., 246 S.W.3d 42 (Amicus) (Tex. 2008) (insurer’s right to reimbursement where insured does not explicitly consent)

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

  • Willingham v. State of Texas, 897 S.W.2d 351 (Tex. Crim. App. 1995) (Death penalty involving qualification of experts and parole information to jury) 
  • Ryan Francis Chase v. State of Texas, 448 S.W.3d 6 (Tex. Crim. App. 2014) (statute permitting killing of a dog that has recently attacked)

Federal Criminal Appeals

  • United States v. Miller, 450 Fed. Appx. 415 (5th Cir. 2011) (Application of acceptance of responsibility guidelines)
  • United States v. Kelley, 441 Fed. Appx. 255 (5th Cir. 2011) (Bank Robbery – aiding and abetting)
  • United States v. Torres-Zuniga, 433 Fed. Appx. 307 (5th Cir. 2011) (application of Rule 32 to upward departures) 
  • United States v. Fernandez-Sanchez,  396 Fed. Appx. 111 (5th Cir. 2010) (deferred adjudication as a factor in criminal history)
  • United States v. Sauseda, 596 F.3d 279 (5th Cir. 2010) - reversal of District Court decision on application of environmental enhancements in sentencing guideline
  • United States v. Watson, 255 Fed. Appx. 876 (5th Cir. 2007) (suppression of evidence acquired in search of electronic data)
  • United States v. Reff, 479 F.3d 396 (5th Cir. 2007)  (appeal of murder conviction for lack of federal jurisdiction)
  • United States v. Harris, 193 Fed. Appx. 333 (5th Cir. 2006) (sentencing issues)
  • United States v. Meshack, 244 Fed.3d 367 (5th Cir. 2000) (Application of Apprendi in 5th Circuit)
  • United States v. Ortegon-Uvalde, 179 F.3d 956 (5th Cir. 1999) (immigration appeal unconstitutional INS proceedings)
  • United States v. Moore, 927 F.2d 825 (5th Cir. 1991) (relevant conduct as applied to drug quantity calculation)
  • In Re: Johnson, 322 Fed.3rd 881 (5th Cir. 2003) (Death Penalty – Stay of Execution granted)
  • Johnson v. Dretke, 394 F.3d 332 (5th Cir. 2004) and 442 F.3d 901 (5th Cir. 2006) (appeal of death penalty habeas corpus)
  • Johnson v. Cockrell, 306 F.3d 249 (5th Cir. 2002) and 336 Fed.3rd 249 (5th Cir. 2003) (appeal of death penalty habeas corpus)

5th Circuit Appeals

  • National Oilwell VARCO, LP v. Auto-Dril Inc. 68 F. 4th 206 (5th Cir. 2023) Federal courts lack jurisdiction over fraud claims arising out of settlement of prior federal court case.
  • Estate of Pruitt v. Asphalt Zipper, Inc.,  2022 U.S App. LEXIS 20026 (5th Cir. 2022) (affirming $4 million judgment in products liability case over complaint that trial court did not submit fault for responsible third party)
  • Griggs v. Brewer,  841 F.3d 308 (5th Cir. 2016) (excessive force during DUI arrest)
  • Carmichael v. Galbraith, , 574 Fed. Appx. 286 (5th Cir. 2014) (Title IX claim for sexual harassment in school)
  • Estate of Lance v. Lewisville ISD, 743 F.3d 982 (5th Cir. 2014) (Disability discrimination claim against school district)
  • Nevills v. Mart ISD, 608 Fed. Appx. 217 (5th Cir. 2015) (ADA and Rehabilitation Act claim against school district)
  • Yara v. Perryton ISD, 560 Fed. Appx. 356 (5th Cir. 2014) (claim against school district for Red Ribbon Day where students were required to either be Jews or Nazis for the day as an educational activity on the Holocaust)
  • Hummel v. Townsend, 883 F2d 367 (5th Cir. 1989) (dealing with diversity of citizenship for unincorporated associations)
  • Doe v. Hillsboro I.S.D., 81 F.3d. 1395 (5th Cir. 1996) (official liability of School District Officials for the rape of a student by a janitor) (en banc decision at 113 F.3d 1412)
  • FTC v. Assail, Inc., 410 F.3d 256 (5th Cir. 2005) (appeal of contempt hearing against attorneys who were ordered to disgorge fees)
  • Jones v. Alcoa, Inc., 339 F.3d 359 (5th Cir. 2003) (appeal of employment discrimination – exposing black workers to asbestos)
  • George v. National Association of Letter Carriers, 185 F.3d 380 (5th Cir. 1999) (appeal of case involving tortuous interference by a union)
  • Stewart v. Waco Independent School District, 711 F.3d. 513 (5th Cir. 2013) (applicability of Rehabilitation Act to sexual assaults)
  • JSLG, Inc. v. City of Waco, 504 Fed. Appx. 312 (5th Cir. 2012) (Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance in Waco, Texas upheld against constitutional challenge)
  • Estate of Montana Lance v. Lewisville ISD (5th Cir. 2014) (Suicide of 4th Grade Student at school; claims under §504)

Federal Court Opinions

  • Taylor v. Richmond State Supported Living Ctr., 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 170190 (S. D. Tex. 2012) (Denying Motion to Dismiss claim against state for abuse of autistic patient at state center)
  • PVM v. Sun Valley Seed, 734 F. Supp. 250 (N.D. Miss. 1990) (Enforceability of Plant Variety Protection Act by assignee)
  • Beech Acceptance Corp. v. Connell, 771 F. Supp. 1154 (D.Kan 1991) (dealing with propriety of injunction in fraudulent transfer case under Texas and Kansas law)
  • Durish v. Uselton, 763 F. Supp. 192 (N.D.Tex. 1990) (dealing with statute of limitations for the receiver of an insolvent insurance company in case against officers and directors)

Family Law Appeals

  • In Re: Ybarra, 2012 Tex. App. Lexis 6171 (Tex. App. - Waco 2012)
  • In Re: Payne, 2011 Tex. App. Lexis 9611 (Tex. App. – Waco 2011)
  • In Re: S.R.S., 2011 Tex. App. Lexis 575 (Tex. App. - Waco 2011)
  • In the Interest of ABK, 2007 Tex. App. Lexis 8918 (Tex. App. – Waco 2007)
  • In Re: ENC, 2009 Tex. App. Lexis 1760 (Tex. App. – Austin 2009)
  • In the Interest of DSW, 2010 Tex. App. Lexis 10327 (Tex. App. – Waco 2010)
  • In the Interest of RO, 2005 Tex. App. Lexis 2990 (Tex. App. – Austin 20005)
  • In the Interest of HSJ, 2010 Tex. App. Lexis 9208 (Tex. App. – Austin 2010)

Waco Court of Appeals

  • BSR Surf Resorts LLC, et al v. Stabile, et al, 2020 Tex. App. – Lexis 9015 (Nov. 20. 2020) (Temporary Injunction under the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act void for failing to require a bond, or to set a trial date)
  • Haliburton v. Gilmore, 2013 Tex. App. Lexis 5544 (Tex. App. - Waco 2013) (disputed ownership of cattle)
  • Neptune Marine Services v. Gibson, 2011 Tex. App. Lexis 3033 (Tex. App. – Waco 2011) (personal jurisdiction after special appearance)
  • Texas All Risk General Agency v. Apex Lloyds Ins. Co., 2010 Tex. App. Lexis 9035 (Tex. App. – Waco 2010) (agency contract – ambiguity and interpretation)
  • In Re: Altec Industries, 2012 Tex. App. Lexis 5188 (Tex. App. – Waco 2012) (mandamus involving designation of responsible third parties)
  • Luchak v. McAdams, 379 S.W.3d 361 (Tex. App. – Waco 2012) (nurses at public hospital are government employees for purposes of Texas Tort Claims Act)
  • Harrington v. Magellan Pipeline Co., 2011 Tex. App. Lexis 9844 (Tex. App. – Waco 2011) (interpretation of 1909 easement)
  • Harrington v. Magellan Pipeline Co., 2009 Tex. App. Lexis 2963 (Tex. App. – Waco 2009) (appeal of partition order requires separate appeals for ruling on equities of partition)
  • Brazos River Authority v. Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., 2010 Tex. App. LEXIS 4742 (Tex. App. – Waco 2010) (governmental immunity for suit on a contract where the contract did not involve the goods and services involved in the suit)
  • American Derringer Corp. v. Bond, 924 S.W.2d 773 (Tex. App. – Waco 1996) (malicious prosecution in a trade secret case)
  • Mattlage v. Mattlage, 243 S.W.3d 763 (Tex. App. – Waco 2007) (whether a gift in a will adeemed in the face of a conveyance of the property not completed prior to death of testator)
  • Blankenship v. Mirick, 984 S.W.2d 771 (Tex. App. – Waco 1999) (proof necessary for the recovery of personal injury damages where expert testimony is unclear)
  • Trice v. State, 712 S.W.2d 842 (Tex. App. – Waco 1996) and 694 S.W.2d 325 (Tex. App. – Waco 1995) (State’s rights in navigable waters)
  • Utley v. Marathon Oil Co., 958 S.W.2d 960 (Tex. App. – Waco 1998) & 31 S.W.3d 274 (Tex. App. – Waco 2000) (Dispute over interpretation of oil and gas lease, and termination date)
  • Tranum v. Broadway, 283 S.W.3d 403 (Tex. App. – Waco 2008) (affirmed judgment for malicious prosecution and slander)
  • Farmer v. Holley, 237 S.W.3d 758(Tex. App. – Waco 2007) (Covenant not to compete)
  • Nichols v. Sedalco Const. Serv., 228 S.W.3d 341 (Tex. App. – Waco 2007) (dismissal for want of prosecution affirmed)
  • Coody Custom Homes LLC v. Howe, 2007 Tex. App. Lexis 3603 (Tex. App. – Waco 2007) (arbitration provision still applicable after the parties agreed to settle)
  • Gilmore v. SCI Tex. Funeral Services, Inc., 234 S.W.3d 251(Tex. App. – Waco 2007) (Zero damage award reversed and remanded)
  • Belcher v. Scott & White Clinic, 2006 Tex. App. Lexis 6540 (Tex. App. – Waco 2006) (expert report required even where the injury was a fall from a wheelchair)
  • Baize v. Scott & White Clinic, 2007 Tex. App. Lexis 366 (Tex. App. – Waco 2007) (change of counsel does not extend deadline to file expert report) 
  • Wesley v. Amerigo Inc., 2006 Tex. App. Lexis 54 (Tex. App. – Waco 2006) (junior lien extinguished by prior foreclosure)
  • Best Disposal Services v. Burch, 2005 Tex. App. Lexis 2588 (Tex. App. – Waco 2005) (admissibility of prior criminal record in auto accident where no crime alleged)
  • Dameron Oil Co. v. Majeed, 2004 Tex. App. Lexis 4976 (Tex. App. – Waco 2004) (sublease does not grant option to purchase available to original lessor)
  • Merrimac Properties v. Combined Financial Corp., 2004 Tex. App. Lexis 4643 (Tex. App. – Waco 2004) (bidder at foreclosure sale need not be present to submit bid)
  • Wyse v. Department of Public Safety, 733 S.W.2d 224 (Tex. App. - Waco 1986) (investigation in good faith provides qualified immunity)

Other Texas Appellate Courts

  • In Re Luecke, 569 S.W. 3d 313 (Tex. App. – Austin 2019) (conflict of interest question where same attorney represented parties making conflicting claims against a limited partner, a limited partnership and a trustee)
  • B&P Development v. Knighthawk, LLC, 2017 Tex. App. LEXIS 2650 (Tex. App. – Corpus Christi 2017) (conflicting claims about adequacy of a surveyor’s expert testimony)
  • Lobell v. Capital Transp. LLC.  2015 Tex. App. LEXIS 12628 (Tex. App. – Austin 2015) (Contest of personal jurisdiction by Lousiana resident sued in Texas for fraud)
  • West Fork Advisors LLC v. SunGard Consulting Services,  437 S.W.3d 917 (Tex. App. – Dallas 2014) (liability for aiding and abetting)
  • In Re Estate of Elders,  2012 Tex. App. – LEXIS 7314 (Tex. App. – Corpus Christi 2012) (will may be filed as muniment of title even after failure to probate within 4 years.)
  • Quantum Electric, Inc. v. Scott & White Properties, 2007 Tex. App. Lexis 8415 (Tex. App. – Eastland 2007) (proper venue in construction dispute) 
  • Hamlin v. Gutermuth, 909 S.W.2d 114 (Tex. App. – Houston [1st Dist.] 1995) (legal malpractice claims relating to conflicts of interest)
  • Fllmore v. Pacific Mountain, LLC, 2003 Tex. App. LEXIS 2493 (Tex. App. – Dallas 2003) (improper acknowledgement does not void deed; complaint must be brought within 2 year limitation period)
  • Crosbyton Seed v. Mechura Farms, 875 S.W.2d 353 (Tex. App. – Corpus Christi 1995) (various issues on settlement credits and sufficiency of evidence in a dispute over seed quality)
  • Forestpark Enterprises v. Culpepper, 754 S.W.2d 775 (Tex. App. – Fort Worth 1988) (dealing with implied warranty of suitability for commercial property)

Trial Support

  • Pruitt v. Asphalt Zipper, No. 18-CV-324 (Western District of Texas – Waco Division) (Verdict in excess of $4 million; product liability case involving severe injury to Plaintiff’s leg when machine mounts collapsed on him unexpectedly)
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June 19, 2023 
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Jury Selection

Texas Personal Injury Litigation: Secrets Only the Top Attorneys Know (National Business Institute)

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Effective Brief Writing in the Appellate Court

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Risky Business: How to Shift Your Risks Through Contract or Statute

Waco McLennan County Bar Association

  • Named a "Super Lawyer" by Texas Super Lawyers (a Thomson Reuters business) as published in Texas Monthly (2013 - 2019)
  • President's Award, Texas Association of Defense Counsel (2008)
  • Martindale Hubbell AV Rating
Organizational Involvement

Professional Involvement, Memberships & Affiliations

  • Texas Bar Foundation, Sustaining Life Fellow
  • American Board of Trial Advocates
    • TEX-ABOTA Chair, James Otis Lecture Series (2012 - 2015)
    • President, Waco Chapter (2013 - 2014)

Community Involvement, Memberships & Affiliations

  • Baylor School of Education's iEngage civics "summer camp" for local schools

  • J.D., Baylor University School of Law (1981)
  • Baylor University (1976-1979)
Bar Admission
  • Texas (1982)
Court Admissions
  • United States Supreme Court (1988)
  • United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit (1985)
  • United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit (2010)
  • United States Tax Court (2011)
  • United States District Court, Western District of Texas (1984)
  • United States District Court, Northern District of Texas (1986)
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Texas (1988)
  • United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas (1989)
  • United States District Court, Northern District of Mississippi (1991)
When I Feel Most At Home
  • Keeping up with my horse ranch very close to Baylor University
  • Working in my organic garden
  • Cooking and grilling as much as possible - I have the burns and cuts to prove it