Intellectual Property

According to industry and financial experts, more than three-fourths of the value of most sizeable commercial companies of today is in intellectual property assets.  The success and even viability of most businesses and institutions now depend on strategically and effectively identifying, protecting, commercializing, enforcing and defending the use of intellectual property assets. In this context, our lawyers strive to know their clients' businesses and objectives. With that knowledge, and working in a team-like collaboration with their clients, we develop comprehensive strategies and solutions for the myriad of intellectual property issues facing all businesses and institutions of today.

Our clients in the intellectual property realm include manufacturers across a wide range of industries, service industry providers, universities and research institutions, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, software producers, hospitals, financial institutions and funding groups, entrepreneurs, and other developers and users of leading-edge technologies and other IP assets. Our IP clients range from publicly-traded companies to local start-up ventures.


Our intellectual property litigation team represents parties who are alleged to have infringed the patent, trademark or other intellectual property rights of others, and pursues the claims and remedies of those whose intellectual property rights are infringed.

With extensive knowledge and willingness to fully litigate and handle appellate issues relating to their clients' intellectual property disputes, our attorneys aggressively leverage their experience and innovative litigation strategies and techniques, as well as their reputation for litigation and administrative successes, in often obtaining very early-stage, cost-effective and favorable resolutions of their clients' intellectual property challenges. We resolve patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other complex IP litigation issues in the trial and appellate courts throughout the U.S., as well as before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the U.S. International Trade Commission. Our attorneys are equally skilled at achieving favorable outcomes in alternative dispute resolution forums.

Our IP litigation practice was recognized in Best Lawyers'  2024 "Best Law Firms" ranking. 

IP Protection, Evaluation of IP Portfolio and Freedom to Operate

Our IP attorneys, including attorneys registered before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and the Canadian Patent Office, are skilled at identifying and strategically building their clients' intellectual property portfolios for most effectively leveraging patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret-related assets in the global marketplace. They are continually engaged in obtaining patents, trademark and copyright registrations throughout the world, as well as structuring and negotiating IP-related licensing arrangements as well as valuation of corporate IP portfolios. Drawing on their expansive IP litigation experiences to bring from the abstract to the practical, and often teaming with other Gray Reed attorneys from corporate, securities, and other disciplines, our firm's IP attorneys frequently provide merger and acquisition-related due diligence and freedom-to-operate analysis.

Access to Resources and General Counsel Capabilities

As a full service firm, we are uniquely positioned to effectively represent and counsel clients beyond routine or the most complex IP matters. When a client's need goes beyond the expertise or jurisdiction of an IP attorney, our firm has a worldwide network of lawyers for international and cross-border issues and other Gray Reed attorneys who focus on areas such as banking & finance, energy, construction, healthcare, labor & employment, tax, real estate, government investigations & compliance, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, appellate and commercial litigation. These resources allow us to serve as outside general counsel for our clients and help solve nearly any issue they may face in the life cycle of their business. 

Our Purpose is You.

Your experience with our IP attorneys will be fully aligned with your goals and objectives and tailored specifically to how you want to do business with us. Our lawyers are adaptable and nimble – you will never be forced into a box that doesn’t fit your opportunity or problem, or your needs and desires. Whether we are your longtime partner in building your IP portfolio or representing you in the courtroom, you’ll be comfortable with our skill and practical approach. We know exactly when to turn up the heat and when collaboration is the smartest way for clients to achieve their goals.

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