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April 30, 2014 
 Thought Leadership
Child and Spousal Support
Gray Reed's Employer Handbook

One of my friends, and a good client, called recently with an employee standing in her office.  The employee was demanding that the company stop deducting for child support and pointing to an order that appeared to indicate he was no longer liable because his child turned 18.  Knowing the anger I was about to call down on my client and myself, I asked her to call back later. . .when the employee was gone. 

You see, it is not an employer’s responsibility to act as lawyer, judge, jury, or Texas Attorney General when dealing with child support.  What if they screw up?  I personally would rather have a temporarily angry employee (to whom I could blame the state) instead of an angry Texas Attorney General demanding that I pay the missing support I was convinced is no longer due!

After the call I decided that you all deserve a primer on child and spousal support.  I know it is usually pretty straightforward, but not always – as the example above shows.  Take a look at this month’s edition for some clarification and insight.