Election Law

Election and campaign finance law are often complex, difficult areas of law. In order to protect the integrity of the political process, numerous statutes, regulations and rules have been created to oversee the interactions between the public and policymakers.

At Gray Reed, we guide our clients through the maze of modern election laws and regulations to help them achieve their goals while avoiding the legal and ethical pitfalls that are all too common in politics. Our Election Law attorneys counsel clients on the laws and rules pertaining to lobbying, political contributions, political action committees, officeholder ethics, the use of corporate resources for political purposes, and corporate guidelines on election issues. We represent candidates and political parties in election contests and election law litigation.

Gray Reed attorneys have served in a variety of government and political positions, including as Texas Secretary of State. They frequently speak before corporations and business and political organizations and appear as experts on television and radio public affairs programs.

For candidates and campaigns, a small mistake often results in a fine, penalty and public embarrassment. Gray Reed has the experience to help you through these complex issues.

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