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Ackal, Mitch Thumbnail
Partner, Business & Commercial Litigation Practice Group Leader / Houston
Aldis, Jay Thumbnail
Partner / Houston
Allen, Amy C.  Thumbnail
Partner, Family Law Practice Group Leader / Houston
Alloju, Angela Thumbnail
Associate / Dallas
Armer, Darrell Thumbnail
Dallas Managing Partner, Healthcare Practice Group Leader / Dallas
Atwood, Ashley Thumbnail
Associate / Dallas
Auth, Alma B. Thumbnail
Senior Paralegal / Houston
Avant, Trey Thumbnail
Associate / Houston
Bishop, Micheal W. Thumbnail
Senior Counsel / Dallas
Blachly, Michael Thumbnail
Chief Marketing Officer / Dallas
Block, Evan Thumbnail
Staff Attorney / Houston
Bowlin, Emily Thumbnail
Associate / Dallas
Brookner, Jason S. Thumbnail
Partner, Bankruptcy Practice Group Leader / Dallas / Houston
Brooks, Darin L.  Thumbnail
Partner, Insurance Law Practice Group Leader  / Houston / Dallas
Brown, Max Thumbnail
Associate / Houston
Bryan, Blake Thumbnail
Associate / Dallas
Corley, Jonathan  Thumbnail
Director of Facilities / Houston
Cowan, Justin Thumbnail
Associate / Houston
Daniels, Ruth Ann Thumbnail
Partner, Labor & Employment Practice Group Leader / Dallas / Houston
Davis, Chris Thumbnail
Partner, Gov. Investigations & Compliance Practice Group Leader / Dallas / Houston
DeBerg, Laura Thumbnail
Paralegal / Dallas
Diamond, George L.  Thumbnail
Senior Counsel / Dallas
Duke, Jason Thumbnail
Staff Attorney / Houston
Eichelberger, Glen T. Thumbnail
Partner, Trust & Estates Practice Group Leader / Houston
Gargiulo, Mark Thumbnail
Chief Operating Officer, Gray Reed Advisory President / Houston
Gillman, Michael E. Thumbnail
Partner, Real Estate Practice Group Leader / Dallas
Glover, Andrea Thumbnail
Recruiting Manager / Dallas
Gray, J. Cary Thumbnail
Chairman / Houston
Hancock, Amy Sladczyk, JD Thumbnail
Chief Talent Officer / Houston
Hardig, J.J. Thumbnail
Partner, Civil Litigation Practice Group Leader / Houston
Hatcher, Jacob Thumbnail
Chief Administrative Officer / Houston
Hyde, Lynsey J. Thumbnail
Associate / Houston
Jordan, Philip B. Thumbnail
Partner, Energy Practice Group Leader / Dallas / Houston
Kovar, Kacy L. Thumbnail
Staff Attorney / Houston
Kroll, Dan Thumbnail
Partner, Tax Practice Group Leader  / Houston
Lam, Lan G. Thumbnail
Senior Paralegal / Dallas
Leach, Jeff Thumbnail
Counsel, Gray Reed; Member, Texas House of Representatives / Dallas
LeMay, Rees Thumbnail
Associate / Dallas
Lipe, Justin Thumbnail
Partner / Houston
Longust, Madison Thumbnail
Marketing Communications Manager / Dallas
Mason, Mary Thumbnail
Partner / Houston
McGraw, James M. Thumbnail
Of Counsel / Houston
Meade, Zoë C. Thumbnail
Paralegal / Dallas
Morris, Tammy Thumbnail
Senior Paralegal / Houston
Niezgoda, Brock T.  Thumbnail
Partner, Corporate/ Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group Leader / Houston
Nunnery, Nadine Thumbnail
Senior Paralegal / Houston
Ormiston, James J. Thumbnail
Partner, Controversies Department Chair / Houston
Pinion, Elizabeth D. Thumbnail
Staff Attorney / Houston
Rhodus, Tom Thumbnail
Partner / Dallas
Richard, Pam Thumbnail
Senior Paralegal / Houston
Rodriguez, Jason Thumbnail
Director of Information Technology / Dallas
Rowan, Mary Thumbnail
Paralegal / Houston
Sampson, Gregory W. Thumbnail
Senior Counsel / Dallas
Sanders, Kyle W. Thumbnail
Managing Partner / Houston
Savoy, Paul Thumbnail
Manager of Litigation Support / Houston
Snow, Terra Thumbnail
Professional Development & Events Manager / Houston
Souter, Patrick D. Thumbnail
Of Counsel / Dallas / Waco
Stone, Ken Thumbnail
Partner / Dallas
Virene, Anna M. Thumbnail
Partner, Banking Practice Group Leader / Houston
Virene, Joe Thumbnail
Partner, Construction Practice Group Leader / Houston
Vogel, J.P. Thumbnail
Partner / Dallas / Houston
Walker, Bekah Thumbnail
Senior Paralegal / Houston
Walls, Jonni Thumbnail
Of Counsel / Dallas
White, Greg Thumbnail
Of Counsel / Waco
Yale, Paul Thumbnail
Partner / Houston
York, Drew Thumbnail
Partner / Dallas