Our Firm

Gray Reed is known for, and proud of, our workplace culture–recognizing that professional excellence begins with personal excellence. We work intently at our profession, and, in our personal time, we enjoy the expression of our individual talents. We encourage our team members to pursue their unique passions outside of work and to celebrate and share them at work.

Since the inception of our firm, we have aimed to live our values of integrity, trust, excellence, respect, fairness and stewardship. We take these life principles very seriously as we endeavor to create a workplace that celebrates different religions, ethnic backgrounds, political views and personal interests. But this is only the beginning of our story.

We are continually striving for a diverse workplace that is representative of our great country. We are on a quest to foster diversification at all levels of our workforce.

In 2010, our firm created the Next Level Committee comprised of firm shareholders and our COO. This committee is responsible for developing and encouraging a diverse culture within Gray Reed. In the last several years, we have significantly increased the number of female shareholders and created the Gray Reed Women’s Forum, which meets monthly to discuss professional issues and share best practices for career growth and client development. The forum sponsors client events, pro bono work and retreats to give back professionally and get to know each other personally.

In addition, many of our attorneys are aligned with professional organizations that are working to build diversity within the legal industry as a whole.

In reference to hiring practices, we are proud of our association with universities that offer On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) programs. Gray Reed participates in OCI at Southern Methodist University, Baylor University, The University of Texas and the University of Houston.

We consider the perpetuation of diversification to be a vital part of the ongoing mission of our firm and the inherent values of our profession.