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August 11, 2015 
 Thought Leadership
Religious Discrimination
Gray Reed's Employer Handbook

They say you should never discuss politics or religion in polite company.  Nevertheless, today we are going to address religion and religious discrimination in the workplace.  Nothing inflames the passions of some people more than a discussion about religion.  At the same time, religious discrimination doesn't rear its head in the workplace as often as other types of discrimination.  In my experience it is because employee religious beliefs are not often obvious to other employees or "in their face."

That said, there are some common issues.  End of year holiday events present the potential for problems (does your company have a "Christmas" Party?).  And, no employer's life would be complete without a fight with an employee over hair length, beards, tattoos, or piercings that are (or claimed to be) related to religious beliefs.

Take a moment of silence to review this month's edition and avoid the controversy.