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June 22, 2015 
 Thought Leadership
Jury Duty
Gray Reed's Employer Handbook

I've been called many times but I have never had the pleasure of sitting on a jury and I probably never will.  Of course, most of you are thinking "pleasure" is the wrong word for jury duty.  For you, that is probably right.  For me, however, jury duty is the ultimate learning opportunity to see into the mind of the 12 people that decide my clients' cases. 

Lawyers are afraid of having someone who knows the law on their jury; so we never get picked.  And if we are not getting picked, some of your employees are certainly taking our place!  Those employees have rights you've probably never thought about.  How many days should you pay an employee out on jury duty?  Can you fire them if they are serving on a jury for weeks or months? 

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