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April 21, 2015 
 Thought Leadership
Sex Discrimination
Gray Reed's Employer Handbook

Change is in the air.  You probably haven't noticed it, but there haven't been any Employer Handbook editions so far this year.  After steadily delivering ten editions each year for the last four years, we are slowing down.  There is more ground to cover, but we are reaching the end of the major topics.  This year, you will receive five new editions instead of ten.  We will cover a lot of important topics such as various forms of discrimination, but we will also reach down to pick up some second tier topics like voting leave and jury duty. 

The first edition for this year covers sex discrimination.  Sex discrimination is different than sexual harassment which we covered early on.  It involves denying an employee rights given to other employees based on his or her sex.  Does this include homosexuality or transgender employee?  Can you insist on a workplace free of women planning families?  Take a look at this month's edition to find out.