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May 30, 2014 
 Thought Leadership
Travel Time
Gray Reed's Employer Handbook

With this month’s topic, we are for some reason reminded of the lyrics to a Clint Black song: “. . . no time to kill, but time to change the kind of hurry I’ve been in . . .”

For many employers, travel time is simple: employees don’t get paid to drive to or from work and normally have no need to go anywhere on company time during the day.  The employer doesn’t think about the possible hiccups that come along with normal life.  What if they ask someone to stop on the way in and buy coffee for the office?  Or, to stop and pick up another employee? 

More complicated questions can also arise.  What if the employee drives to a different location from home for work on some days?  What if the employee travels out of town for a meeting or conference?  Do they get paid to sleep since they are out of town at the company’s behest? 

Check out this month’s edition before you . . . run out of time.