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January 31, 2014 
 Thought Leadership
I-9 Forms
Gray Reed's Employer Handbook

If you’ve hired someone, you are familiar with the USCIS form I-9 (and if you’re not, maybe you should give me a call).  You probably have a good grasp on how to fill it out as well.  But what if you were thrown a curve ball?  What if the employee speaks only Spanish?  Is there a Spanish I-9 form?  What if you are buying another business?  Do you keep their I-9s?  Should you keep copies of the identification cards provided when you complete the I-9 for new employees?

This may be a common form with fairly straightforward instructions, which this primer addresses, but we go deeper to answer some of the more uncommon questions so you will be ready when they arise. Welcome to 2014.  I hope your business has a wonderful year!

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