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April 29, 2011 
 Thought Leadership
Sexual Harassment: How to Avoid an EEOC Claim and Lawsuit
Gray Reed's Employer Handbook

Television and movies have done a lot to form our opinions about what is and is not permissible in the workplace. Everyone has seen the boss\secretary affair, and most people realize it is not appropriate. Setting aside that extreme example though, how many of you truly know where the lines are?

Is it too much to call your assistant "sweetie"? What about supervisors dating their subordinates? This month's piece will help set up guardrails to help you avoid that unpleasant EEOC claim and lawsuit.

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Michael Kelsheimer focuses his practice on the employment law needs of Texas businesses and executive employees. He recognizes that the cost and expense of litigation make resolving employment disputes challenging. To help avoid these concerns, he utilizes his experience in and out of the courtroom to prevent or quickly resolve employment disputes through proactive employer planning and timely advice. When a dispute cannot be avoided, Michael relies upon his prior experience as a briefing attorney for the United States District Court and his extensive experience in employment and commercial lawsuits to secure favorable resolutions for his clients.