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March 29, 2012 
 Thought Leadership
Job Descriptions
Gray Reed's Employer Handbook

How does Hooters get away with hiring all young female waitstaff? Well, the company got sued over it, but wised up afterward and created a job description that makes it a "bona fide occupational qualification". It is part of Hooters' business model, but don't get any ideas because it probably won't work for you.

Whether you approve of Hooters or not, mentioning it was the only way to make this month's topic - job descriptions - sound interesting. They are important though.  And done right, they can be a time saver.

You can use a job description to set the standard for interviews of applicants and the topics to be reviewed in a performance appraisal. Of course, they are also helpful in defending decisions to exempt employees from overtime and reducing the risk of ADA claims. Take a look at this month's piece to find out more.

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