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November 9, 2012 
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Legally Social: Asking the Hard Legal Questions
Social Media Breakfast Houston

Legally speaking, social media isn’t as much of a Wild West Frontier as it once was. Case law is starting to catch up with the reality on the ground and there is a lot more being defined, even as we speak. We have asked two of our resident legal experts to come in and give us all some tips that will help keep us out of trouble and solve difficult problems.

1. What if you find out after the fact that you are using trademarks that belong to someone else? How can you avoid that?
2. How can you battle bad online reviews?
3. How can you use images you find on the web, what constitutes a derivative work vs. plain old stealing?
4. Who owns your LinkedIn Contacts? Your Twitter followers?
5. Social media guidelines, how far is too far? Why should you have them?
5. How can you make a non-compete stick and the problems with too much corporate sharing?
6. What are your rights if your domain is hijacked?
7. What happens if someone puts up your photo on a bad site?
8. What if I need an attorney, can I even afford one if I do?


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