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October 21, 2008 
 Speeches and Presentations
Dealing with the Ever Changing International Marketplace
Entrepreneurship Institute in Houston

Donald Looper spoke on "Dealing with the Ever Changing International Marketplace" to the Entrepreneurship Institute in Houston on October 21, 2008. 107 Houston-area CEOs and business owners attended the conference

Mr. Looper’s practice focuses on the tax aspects related to partnership, corporate, and international tax issues. His skills for structuring and managing international business transactions have resulted in Mr. Looper being selected by clients to manage international projects negotiated in 31 foreign states/countries. Among his areas of expertise include international regulatory sanctions against foreign jurisdictions and designated nationals. The 1994 case of Looper v. Morgan, upholding his measures to protect the client’s privileged work product and communications, stemmed from Mr. Looper’s responsibilities to manage an international refinery and marketing acquisition while complying with international sanctions against Libya.