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September 22, 2009 
 Speeches and Presentations
Issues Relating to Construction Scheduling and Delays
Texas Department of Criminal Justice

On September 22, 2009, Vernon Howerton will be speaking to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on "legal issues related to construction scheduling and delays".

Vernon helps businesses avoid and resolve commercial disputes through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and litigation, with an emphasis on construction and government contract law.  For fifteen years, Vernon has  represented construction owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in claims and dispute avoidance, resolution and litigation arising from public and private heavy civil, industrial, telecom, and commercial project contracts, including claims related to changed work, extra work, differing site conditions, defective specifications, suspensions and delays. Vernon has also presented or defended various bid protests related to federal, state and local government contracts and defends OSHA citations for workplace safety violations.

In addition to dispute related work, Vernon has significant experience with construction contract document preparation, negotiation, and risk analysis.  He also represents small, disadvantaged, minority and women owed businesses in certification disputes and government contractors / vendors denied DBE / MBE / WBE participation credits.

Speaker - Vernon Howerton
Title/Topic - Legal issues related to construction scheduling and delays
Date - Sept. 22, 2009
Group/Organization - Texas Department of Criminal Justice