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November 17, 2010 
 Speeches and Presentations
A Client's Right To Privacy And A Lawyer's Duty To Keep It That Way
Brown Bag Webinar Series

The "right to privacy" is a mysterious and often misunderstood legal concept. Most Americans believe that the right to privacy is as sacrosanct as the right of free speech and the freedom of religion. This belief is held despite the fact that many rights to privacy have recently been eroded by vigilant protection from and reaction to terrorism both at home and abroad.

Because Americans believe so strongly in the right to privacy, it is important for all of us to know the bounds of privacy granted under law.  Further, certified public accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors should know and understand their ethical responsibility to keep their client's information confidential and private from the public and how far they can go to keep a client's information, as well as their identity, a secret.

With this in mind, our proposed presentation entitled, "The Right to Privacy And Our Duty to Keep It That Way," will provide certified public accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, individuals and business professionals with (A) a basic understanding of the origins of the right to privacy, (B) ethical considerations when dealing with client privacy issues, and (C) real-world options and suggestions for maintaining client privacy.  Accordingly, the following questions will be answered or addressed in the presentation:

  • What personal information is "private" or confidential?
  • What should a client consider about keeping their information private/confidential?
  • Can you keep your client's identity a secret?
  • When may professionals disclose client confidential information?
  • What procedures should individuals and professionals follow and what should they consider before providing private information in a public document to avoid malpractice and other liability claims?

Matthew Sanderson is a transactional attorney focused on privacy.  He is experienced in the public filing aspects of commercial transactions in both real estate and corporate mergers and acquisitions.  Using this background, he developed the RescueMyPrivacy© Program to enable his clients to reduce public visibility through the removal of public information from the public domain.

This CLE has been approved for 1.0 participatory hours and 1.0 ethics. In addition, CPA's will get 1.0 hours of CPE credit. This free unique webinar includes a live Q&A session.

Date - Wednesday, November 17th
Time - 12pm - 1pm CST
Price - Complimentary
Location - Webinar

“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.” David Brin (American author of The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?)