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November 1, 2016 
 Speeches and Presentations
Tax Accounting and Recordkeeping 101
Jones School of Business at Rice University

On November 1, 2016, Austin Carlson, spoke to undergraduate students at Rice University Jones School of Business. 

Austin's presentation focused tax accounting and recordkeeping and helping students answer the question "Can I deduct this?". This presentation covered:

  • Part One: Tax Accounting and Recordingkeeping
    • Why Tax Matters
    • Deductions and Credits
    • Justifying a Business Expense
      • Business v. Personal
      • Ordinary and Necessary
      • Recordkeeping
        • Statute of Limitations
        • Segregation of Business/Personal
        • Note on Legal Authority
    • Top 10 Small Business Expense Issues (Is it deductible?)
  • Part Two: Choice of Entity/Tax Type for Small Businesses

To view the entire presentation, click here