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March 21, 2011 
 Press Releases
Jim Ormiston Achieves Class Action Settlement on Behalf of 17,800 Consumers

Jim Ormiston was awarded a class action settlement on behalf of 17,800 consumers in New Mexico.

On March 8, 2011, a New Mexico state district court approved a class action settlement on behalf of 17,800 consumers of new vehicles purchased from certain New Mexico dealerships.  The class members alleged they were over charged for certain products and services, including a Desert Protection Package, a Dealer Transfer Fee, and a Vehicle Theft Registration Fee.  The settlement provides for a payment of $40 for each vehicle purchased during the class period to each class member who submits a valid claim form, resulting in a settlement value of approximately $900,000, including attorneys' fees.  Jim Ormiston, head of Gray Reed & McGraw's Litigation Section, served as Class Counsel, along with Armi Easterby of Williams Kherkher Hart & Boundas, LLC.