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April 21, 2020 
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Gray Reed Establishes Task Force to Help Get Clients “Back to Business”

The worldwide healthcare and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has impacted every corner of American life. From our hospitals, to our churches, to our schools, factories, restaurants and grocery stores. From Wall Street to Main Street. Our team at Gray Reed is working to meet the crisis head on – assisting and advising our clients as the economic and legal ground shifts under our feet on a daily basis.

We at Gray Reed have always believed that with every challenge, a great opportunity is presented. Since our firm was founded in 1985, an optimistic, aspirational spirit has been a unique part of our DNA. Even through economic downturns and recessions, we have been committed to impart a sense of forward-looking optimism to each client we serve and advocate for. We view this as a key part of being faithful stewards of the trust you have placed in us.

Today, we once again double-down on this commitment with the formation of the Gray Reed “Back to Business” Task Force. While our attorneys will continue to work with and assist our clients and friends in minimizing the negative impact of COVID-19, we believe those same clients and friends are counting on us, as their trusted advisors, to begin to look forward along with them. 

As a great leader once said when talking about the importance of “vision” for his organization, “If you don’t see it before you see it ... you’ll never see it.”

We are committed, more than ever, to coming alongside of you to envision what the future can look like. For you and your family. For your employees and their families. For your company. For your industry. To help you plan ahead. To walk through, in real time, any and all orders, rules or statutory changes enacted by governmental authorities. To be watchful for rapid changes in the law and help you avoid unnecessary and costly potholes. To explore, alongside of you, opportunities for growth, innovation and investment. To try to help you “see the future,” if you will, even as we continue to respond to the immediate challenges presented by this crisis. 

We expect major developments beginning next Monday, April 27th when Governor Abbott, along with his recently established Statewide Strike Force, will announce substantive details about plans to reopen Texas. This will include new and revised rules and restrictions for not only the Texas economy, including businesses small and large, but also for large gatherings and events, in-person religious gatherings, ground and air travel, and other aspects of our daily lives.

Bottom line: We know you expect us to be prepared to advise you on how these new rules and restrictions affect you, your family and your business. Your trusted advisors at Gray Reed, under the leadership of our “Back to Business” Task Force, will be ready to keep you apprised and informed of all you need to know about the new rules and how you can make the most of them to ensure a bright future for you and your company.

Jeff C. Leach, Gray Reed “Back to Business” Task Force Chair

J. Cary Gray, Managing Partner