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September 27, 2017 
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Four Gray Reed Attorneys Contribute to 2017 LexisNexis Publication

Gray Reed energy attorneys Philip Jordan, Paul Yale, Katie English and Brooke Sizer are co-authors of Hydraulic Fracturing Law and Practice 2017 Edition, published by LexisNexis.

Authored by attorneys at three different law firms and several law professors, the book is divided into nine parts:

  • Part I provides both an introduction to this topic and a detailed description of the hydraulic fracturing process.
  •  Part II provides a detailed description of and response to some of the most pressing policy issues currently associated with hydraulic fracturing.
  • Part III summarizes the legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to hydraulic fracturing at the federal level.
  • Parts IV, V, and VI cover the legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to hydraulic fracturing at the state level, with the individual state chapters grouped by regions (Part IV western, Part V south central, Part VI eastern and southeastern).
  • Part VII summarizes the current case law on hydraulic fracturing, including both reported and unreported cases.
  • Part VIII offers concluding thoughts on where the law of hydraulic fracturing stands today and how it is likely to evolve in the future.
  • Part IX contains charts of federal and state hydraulic fracturing requirements. 

Each chapter provides thorough treatment of the topic and features insightful practice tips, warnings, and timing considerations. In addition, all the state chapters have a resource section containing contact information for the key governmental agencies, environmental groups and industry organizations.

Specifically, the Gray Reed attorneys authored chapters on Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma and co-authored a chapter on Federal Legislation and Regulation of Hydraulic Fracking (Onshore and Offshore).

Hydraulic Fracturing Law and Practice 2017 Edition is available for purchase from LexisNexis.