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June 26, 2009 
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Shelton Discusses Jackson Kids Custody Issues
KRLD Radio

As Michael Jackson's legacy comes to an end, court battles are sure to ensue, possibly including the custody of his children. Gray Reed & McGraw attorney Will Shelton weighs in on this issue on KRLD Dallas radio.

To listen to the KRLD interview, click here.

Board Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Will has exclusively focused his practice on the many facets and challenges in the area of family law. Will has participated in hundreds of highly contested hearings and trials, before both judges and juries and successfully defended attacks upon the separate property estates where separate property valued in the tens and even hundreds of millions was at risk. He has pursued numerous custody suits in which male clients have received custody of their children, including infants. Will has successfully litigated and settled virtually all imaginable family law issues including property divisions, disproportionate property divisions, tracing and confirmation of separate property, enforcement of premarital agreements, fraud on the community estate, alter ego / piercing the corporate veil, reimbursement, equitable contribution, custody and visitation disputes, child support modification and enforcement, family violence, and termination of parental rights.