Appellate Law

Gray Reed & McGraw's appellate practice both defends victories and seeks relief for clients in appellate courts across Texas and the United States. We have represented clients before the U.S. Supreme Court, federal circuit courts of appeal, the Texas Supreme Court, state appellate courts and before federal and state agencies.

Our lawyers have been successful in appellate proceedings involving a wide variety of matters that often involved complex factual issues as well as emerging or unsettled law, including business disputes, personal injury claims, oil and gas litigation, and construction litigation.

We regularly consult with clients and trial counsel to shape trial strategies, preserve important issues for appeal, and examine options to obtain immediate relief from at the appellate courts from trial court rulings. We excel at teaming with trial attorneys—within our firm and others—so that our clients benefit from both the in-depth knowledge of their trial lawyers and the fresh perspective and expertise of appellate counsel.

Often, our work begins before an appeal is ever filed. We regularly participate in key pre- and post-trial motions and strategy sessions that set the stage for success at trial and on appeal. Specifically, our appellate lawyers are available to:

  • analyze and research legal issues, including potential liability and damage theories
  • prepare and respond to motions seeking dismissal or summary judgment
  • draft jury charges and participate in jury charge conferences
  • prepare and respond to post-verdict motions
  • write briefs and motions for the appellate court level
  • present oral arguments to the court

Gray Reed's Expertise

Led by Jim Moseley, a former appellate justice who served on the Dallas Court of Appeals for over 18 years, attorneys involved in the appellate practice group include lawyers who clerked for a number of state and federal judges. Their experience with the courts and as practicing attorneys gives them the background and know-how to approach a wide variety of matters. 

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