LRM Attorneys Speak on Downsizing Work Force

Institute of Management Accountants
February 19, 2009

Cleveland Clinton and Brent Dyer, both Members at Gray Reed & McGraw, will present on "Trimming the Fat without Becoming the 'Biggest Loser - Downsizing Your Work Force in a Down Economy" at the Institute of Management Accountants on February 19, 2008, in Dallas, Texas.

Raised in small town Texas and educated in business, Cleve has an affinity for risk takers who plan big, dare big and sometimes get into big trouble - whether the risk takers are principals of businesses with revenues from $5 million to $100 million, or in-house counsel for publicly traded companies who seek innovative, efficient approaches to dispute resolution. With technology accelerating the exchange of information and making the world "smaller," more and more businesses are recognizing that dispute resolution options should include all "business friendly" alternatives before pulling the pin on the litigation "grenade."

Brent advises employers both in day-to-day personnel matters and in matters involving state and federal administrative agencies. Brent focuses on giving advice that empowers his clients to make informed choices that are the best interest of their business goals and minimize the risk of adverse legal consequences. Brent also handles cases involving a variety of topics, including governmental liability and immunity, complex contract disputes, real estate ownership and management, trade secrets, and commercial liability.

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