Do Not Track & Search Marketing

SMX Search Marketing Expo
March 8, 2011

Travis Crabtree will be speaking at the upcoming SMX Search Marketing Expo in San Jose, California on March 8, 2011.

Do Not Track & Search Marketing

These days, we rely heavily on tracking and analytics to craft, optimize and fine-tune our search marketing campaigns. But there's a growing backlash from privacy advocates to severely limit or even ban common forms of tracking. The US FTC is advocating a "do not track" mechanism that could sharply curtail the data marketers can capture and consequently, some of the marketing methods and insights we can gain into searcher behavior. This session explores the ramifications of "do not track" and how to prepare for its implementation. Is referrer data, which can report keywords used to reach your web sites via search engines, an endangered species?

Moderator: Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land


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Travis Crabtree, Attorney, Gray Reed & McGraw
Tim Daly, Managing Partner, Vincodo
Kevin Lee, CEO & Co-Founder,

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